Improved Patient Health and Well-Being

The RNS® System Improves Quality of Life for Patients

RNS System patients reported significant improvements in all domains of quality of life after just 1 year.1

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Elevated Mental Health

Emotional Well-Being

Energy Level

Social Support

Reduced epilepsy concern

Seizure Worry

Medication Effects

Health Discouragement

Better Physical Health


Physical Function

Role Limitations

The RNS System Can Improve Cognitive Function

Treatment with the RNS System has shown statistically significant improvements in objective neuropsychological functions.2

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Illustration of the cognitive benefits of the RNS System
couple with kid

“The RNS System has been a complete life-changer for me. Instead of sitting around and waiting for the next seizure to pop up, I can go out and live my life. I have regained my freedom.

My memory has improved since, and my seizures have reduced in severity. I got married three weeks after surgery to my beautiful wife, returned to work, and now we have a beautiful daughter.”


1. Meador, et al., Epilepsy Behavior, 2015. 2. Loring, et al., Epilepsia, 2015.

*Every individual’s seizures are different and results will vary.