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NeuroPace Launches nSight Platform and Partnership with Seizure Tracker™ to Provide Doctors With Personalized Information About Their Patients’ Seizure Burden

By August 4, 2021 Press Release

New Online Physician Portal Integrates RNS System’s EEG Data with Patient Seizure Diary App to Help Doctors Provide More Comprehensive, Data-Driven Care for Epilepsy Patients

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — August 4, 2021NeuroPace, Inc., a medical technology company dedicated to transforming the lives of people suffering from epilepsy, today announced the broad launch of its nSight Platform, an online portal that helps physicians provide more personalized, data-driven epilepsy care by enabling them to remotely review patient progress, discover actionable insights, and track their clinic’s overall patient outcomes.

The RNS System® is the only FDA-approved epilepsy device that continuously monitors brain activity, delivers personalized treatment by responding in real time to a patient’s unique seizure activity, and records intracranial EEG data that can help physicians optimize patient outcomes.

“The RNS System provides drug-resistant epilepsy patients with unparalleled seizure reduction, while giving physicians unprecedented visibility into their patients’ ongoing brain activity,” said Mike Favet, CEO of NeuroPace. “We believe that the brain data captured by the RNS System is a major technology differentiator—it gives physicians additional information, so that they can make more informed treatment decisions for their patients. With the launch of the nSight Platform, the RNS System data is more streamlined, more accessible, and more actionable than ever before.”

As part of the nSight Platform offering, NeuroPace has partnered with Seizure Tracker, one of the most widely used electronic seizure diary apps, to help patients and clinicians more reliably track and manage seizures. The Seizure Tracker mobile app gives patients and caregivers the ability to record videos of seizures as they happen, and log seizure events and details afterwards. It also integrates with Amazon Alexa so patients can verbally record when a seizure begins and ends.

Through the companies’ partnership, patients can elect to share Seizure Tracker information with their physicians through the nSight Platform. This enables physicians to better assess their patients’ seizure burden, identify potential seizure triggers, and see trends in seizure activity based on medication or lifestyle changes.

“We are excited about what this partnership brings. When patients track their seizures, it empowers them to take an active role in managing their epilepsy. And when this information is combined with the RNS System data, physicians can discover powerful insights to inform patient care,” said Robert Moss, CEO of Seizure Tracker.

“I work as a team with my doctor to review the data from my RNS System and compare it to the seizure diary to identify triggers,” said Heather, a patient who has had the RNS System since 2015. “We found out that orange juice was a major trigger for me. I switched to taking my medications with water and immediately eliminated that post-medication seizure activity.”

The nSight Platform is especially helpful with the growing demand for telehealth visits. For epilepsy patients, Seizure Tracker can provide a convenient way to track daily seizure activity and share this information with their doctor. For physicians, the nSight Platform can provide a more comprehensive picture of their patient’s epilepsy, all in one centralized place.

About the RNS® System
The RNS® System, a paradigm-shifting treatment for drug-resistant focal epilepsy, is the only brain-responsive neuromodulation system approved by the FDA. The closed-loop technology delivers personalized, data-driven treatment targeted to the seizure source by continuously monitoring brain activity, recognizing a patient’s unique seizure pattern, and responding in real-time with imperceptible stimulation to prevent seizures. By recording ongoing EEG data, the RNS System provides physicians with a unique “window to the brain,” enabling them to remotely monitor their patients, gain insights based on brain activity, and use that information to optimize patient care.

Long-term clinical studies demonstrate that the RNS System provides significant reduction in seizure frequency and enduring improvements in quality of life and cognition, with no stimulation-related side effects2.

The RNS System is available at most comprehensive epilepsy centers in the United States and is widely covered by insurance. It is currently approved in the United States for patients 18 years of age and older with drug-resistant focal epilepsy. See important safety information at

About NeuroPace, Inc.
Based in Mountain View, Calif., NeuroPace was founded to transform the lives of people living with epilepsy, a debilitating neurological disorder affecting approximately 1 in 26 people. In 2013, it introduced the RNS® System, the first and only FDA-approved closed-loop, brain-responsive neuromodulation system that delivers truly personalized, data-driven treatment. In addition to treating drug-resistant focal epilepsy, long-term EEG data recorded by the RNS System is helping to advance scientific understanding of the human brain. The company’s brain-responsive neuromodulation technology holds the promise of potentially treating additional neurological disorders that impact the quality of life for millions of people around the world. For more information, please visit

About Seizure Tracker™
Founded in 2007 by parents of a child suffering from daily seizures, Seizure Tracker™provides a collection of web, mobile and voice interaction tools for people living with seizures to collect epilepsy related information and easily share that data with their doctors. Reports generated on the Seizure Tracker system provide extensive data visualizations comparing therapies against seizure activity changes while highlighting trends. With a strong connection to the epilepsy patient, physician and research communities, Seizure Tracker has grown into the largest collection of seizure and related therapy data in the world, opening new doors to data driven research and effectively changing the way we think about managing seizures. For more information about the Seizure Tracker system visit or email

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