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The NeuroPace RNS System has been featured in a variety of news media.  The views expressed in the news stories below are the views of the media, and not NeuroPace. The patient testimonials in these stories reflect the personal experiences of individual(s).  Individual results will vary. Refer to labeling for a description of the RNS® System, important prescribing information, indications for use, and safety information.

This Is What It’s Really Like to Have Epilepsy

Epilepsy nearly took Emily Borghard’s life before she was diagnosed—she’s not only learned to live with the condition, but thrive as well…

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Meet One of the First Human Cyborgs

Meet Emily Borghard, one of the world’s first true cyborgs thanks to a chip implanted in her brain. In the not too distant future, there could be millions more like her…

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Epilepsy breakthrough: Silicon Valley firm’s implant helps stop brain seizures

For more than 1,000 Americans with the disorder, like 43-year-old Richard Lopez, the system invented by a Silicon Valley medical technology firm has given them back their lives.

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New, implantable device life changing for man with severe epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disorder affecting as many as three million Americans, depriving its sufferers…

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Device to reduce seizures proves successful for Birmingham woman

A new type of device aimed at eliminating seizures was approved by the FDA just a few years ago….

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One year after NeuroPace implant, epilepsy patient is now seizure free

Troy Lindberg couldn’t work, drive or even walk up a flight of stairs for fear of an epileptic seizure…

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Treating Epilepsy’s Toughest Cases

Current medicines fail to relieve seizures in about a third of people with epilepsy. What can be done?

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When Drugs and Surgery Don’t Work, an Option in Epilepsy

Dr Jobst is an epileptologist and professor of neurology at Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hampshire…

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NeuroPace Epileptic Seizure Control System: Interview with Dr. Martha Morrell, CMO of NeuroPace

People with certain types of epilepsy m.ay have the option to use a therapy that doesn’t include additional drugs.

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More patients cope with diagnosis of epilepsy

As he was growing up, Paul Shaffer sometimes froze in his tracks and felt like he was walking away from his body. He did not tell anyone about the sensation, which usually passed quickly: “Who would believe me?”

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