NeuroPaceResponsive neurostimulation for the treatment of epilepsy
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The RNS® System, designed for the treatment of medically refractory partial epilepsy, includes implantable and external products.

Implantable components include the RNS neurostimulator as well as depth leads and cortical strip leads. The RNS neurostimulator is a programmable, battery powered, microprocessor-controlled device that delivers a short train of electrical pulses to the brain through implanted leads. In treating epilepsy, the RNS neurostimulator is designed to detect abnormal electrical activity in the brain and respond by delivering electrical stimulation to normalize brain activity before the patient experiences seizures. The neurostimulator is implanted in the cranium and connected to one or two leads that are implanted near the patient's seizure focus.

External products include the programmer, a laptop computer with proprietary software and a wand. The programmer can communicate with an implanted RNS neurostimulator. Physicians use the programmer to non-invasively program the detection and stimulation parameters of an implanted device. Additional features of the programmer include the ability to view the patient's brain electrical activity (electrocorticogram or ECoG) in real-time and the ability to upload the patient's ECoGs that have been stored in the RNS neurostimulator.



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