Emily’s Story

My name is Emily and when I was eight years old I started having pain behind my eye. My doctors thought there was something wrong with my optic nerve and gave me medicine which helped but every time they took me off the medications, it all came back.

About a year or two later, I was sent to NYU to a new doctor who told me that I was having seizures the whole time, but everyone was so caught up with the pain that they just weren’t seeing it.

From age ten till about almost two years ago, my seizure control was off and on. Every time there was a new medicine, it would work for a while and then stop again.

My freshman year of college is when my doctors started to think of other options. I didn’t do well in high school because my medications were affecting my short-term memory so I really wanted to do better in college.

In high school, I was put into a special-ed program and at the time I saw it as the most embarrassing thing ever. So I made it my goal that I was going to get into NYU whether I wanted to or not!

Fast forward to about a year and a few months ago and I was implanted with the RNS System. Now I’m a grad student at NYU — getting my Master’s in Social Work!

I used to have a few seizures every month and since having the RNS put in, I have one seizure every few months.

I definitely feel like studying has become a lot easier and feel like I’m remembering things easier and understanding things a lot better.

I live in Manhattan and at first I really wasn’t sure how I felt about that—I was very scared that the subway system was going to be the most confusing thing I’ve ever done, but it’s actually quite simple. So I can’t drive, but that’s alright because I have the subway.

I would really like to get a job in hospital social work. Having the RNS System and spending so much time in the hospital and in doctors’ offices has made me really really interested in the field of medicine, however I am horrible at science. So I think hospital social work will be really good cause I can have that interest in medicine but still work with people because that’s where my skills are.

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