Visualize the future of epilepsy treatment


Quickly visualize patient trends

 View detection trends over time

 Reveal circadian patterns

Point-and-click detection

 Point and click to select the region of interest

 See simulations using proposed settings

 Make additional microadjustments

Seamless Documentation

  • Checklist facilitates neurostimulator data review

  • Easily copy and paste programming changes into electronic medical records

Patient Case Study #1

Supplement Clinical Seizure Reports with Objective Data

This patient had sensory and motor seizures not associated with loss of awareness and infrequent hemi-convulsive seizures. They were implanted with two cortical strip leads placed over the motor cortex. For this patient, trends in long episodes were consistent with reported clinical events.

Patient Case Study #2

Help assess effects of adjunctive medication

This patient was implanted in 2009 with a depth lead in the left hippocampus and a depth lead in a left heterotopia. For this patient, trends in saturations were consistent with reported clinical events. The patient was started on Levetiracetam in March 2010 and their physician was quickly able to assess the reductions in the number of saturations over time.