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A free educational call, to learn more about the RNS System as a treatment for drug-resistant, partial epilepsy.



The RNS® System -
Designed to prevent
seizures at their source


Join the Community Chat

A free educational call, to learn more about the RNS System as a treatment for drug-resistant, partial epilepsy.


just got a lot
smarter with
the RNS®

Epilepsy treatment
just got a lot smarter
with the RNS®System

Epilepsy treatment just got a lot smarter with the RNS® System.

Your seizures start in the brain.

The neurons in your brain release electrical signals that tell your body what to do. These electrical signals, or brain activity, can be observed on an electroencephalogram (EEG). Occasionally, these brain signals can suddenly misfire and cause seizures.

That’s where they should stop.

Other than surgery, most epilepsy therapies do not directly treat the source of your seizures. Antiseizure medications and other medical devices deliver therapy whether or not you are having a seizure. This can cause chronic side effects that negatively impact your quality of life.

Introducing the RNS® System

The RNS® System is the only medical device that is smart enough to respond to what’s happening in your brain to stop seizures at their source. You don’t have to think about it — once your doctor programs the RNS System to detect and respond to your brain activity, it automatically delivers treatment when you need it. Here’s how it works:


The RNS® System constantly monitors your brainwaves, looking for unusual activity that may lead to a seizure. It works all the time, even while you are sleeping.


The device is personalized to recognize the electrical patterns specific to your brain, rapidly identifying unusual activity that can lead to a seizure.


Within milliseconds of detecting unusual activity, the device sends brief pulses to instantly disrupt this activity and normalize your brainwaves, often before you can feel seizure symptoms.

I don’t even notice that it’s there. The only thing that’s different is the seizures – I don’t have them anymore.


I no longer have that lingering fear of 'what if today is when it's really going to get bad.'


I had my whole life taken away and now it's been given back.


Proven seizure control that is
safe and effective

The RNS® System is a proven treatment option for individuals 18 years of age or older who have disabling partial onset seizures that are not controlled by medication. It provides targeted treatment:

Where you need it

When you need it

Without you noticing it

In clinical studies, the RNS System was shown to significantly reduce seizures, with continued improvement over time. Patients also reported better cognitive function, quality of life, and mood. The RNS System is not another drug. It works without producing the side effects associated with many antiseizure medications, such as dizziness, drowsiness, or cognitive impairments.

Hear from people who have
experienced the RNS® System


Hear from people who have
experienced the RNS® System