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Saturday, December 2

Correlation between clinically reported and electrographic seizures obtained by chronic ambulatory electrocorticography
Nathan Fountain, MD

Cognitive function and interictal discharges: should we treat the EEG?
Kimford Meador, MD

Assessing the treatment response with chronic electrocorticography
Martha Morrell, MD

Q & A

New RNS® Tablet: Presentation & Demo

New RNS Tablet: Presentation & Demo

Sunday, December 3

10:00 – 10:30am
New RNS Tablet: Presentation & Demo

12:30-12:50 pm
RNS System patient selection and outcomes
Josef Parvizi, MD, PhD

SUDEP and all-cause mortality in patients treated with the RNS System
Orrin Devinsky, MD

Q & A

3:00 – 3:30pm
New RNS Tablet: Presentation & Demo

AES 2017 Poster Presentations

Poster Session 1:

Saturday December 2, 2017 12:00pm – 2:00pm

1.132 Correlations between electrographic and clinical seizures in patients treated with a responsive cortical neurostimulator.
Authors: Nathan Fountain, MD (primary),Tara Skarpaas, PhD; Mark Quigg, MD; David Spencer, MD; Barbara Jobst, MD; Felice Sun, PhD; Sharanya Desai, PhD; Martha Morrell, MD

1.200 Long-term safety and efficacy of responsive brain stimulation in adults with medically intractable partial onset seizures.
Authors: Ryder Gwinn, MD, Martha Morrell, MD; RNS System Investigators

Poster Session 2:

Sunday December 3, 2017 12:00pm – 2:00pm

2.120 Interictal spike rates are correlated with verbal memory in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy.
Authors: David Loring, PhD, Kim Meador, MD; Tara Skarpaas, PhD; Martha Morrell, MD

2.122 Differential clinical responses to different antiepileptic medications in patients being treated with responsive neurostimulation.
Authors: Tara Skarpaas, PhD; Tom Tcheng, PhD; Martha Morrell, MD

2.142 Deep Learning for seizure classification and potential seizure biomarker discovery.
Authors: Sharanya Desai, PhD; Tom Tcheng, PhD; Martha Morrell, MD

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The first & only brain-responsive neurostimulation system, now backed by 8-year, prospective clinical trial data with >1,800 patient years1.

1 Combined trial outcomes include data from the Feasibility Trial, Pivotal Trial (randomized, double-blinded, controlled trial), and Long-Term Treatment Trial (open label, prospective).